Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Weekend pictures

Well, I am falling behind on my blog updates... FIL has been staying with us, so we've been pretty busy... But fun anyway :D

The first picture is of me at a tiny little creek during our hike. The colours were very beautiful :) And I love the stones in the water, they were so beautiful. There seemed to be a lot of marble rocks around, and the ones polished by the water were especially pretty! So many colours, and so shiny :P
This is a photo of my friend with her horse. Don't they look cute together? My friend has had this horse for 14 years. You can tell they're good buddies. And he listens to her very well!

And last but not least is photographic proof that I did ride on the horse. It was a lot of fun, and the horse was very well behaved. DH got to ride it too, but the pictures I took didn't turn out as good.


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VetOn2Wheels said...

Ch on a horse. THAT would be something to see! Ha!