Wednesday, August 23, 2006

100 items

I've seen this on a few other blogs, and thought it may be interesting to see if I can fill 100 tidbits about myself. So here it goes:

1. I was born in Poland
2. Warsaw, the capital to be more precise
3. My parents were geeky physics students
4. I was a result of an unplanned pregnancy :O
5. But that's ok, cause my Mommy loves me anyway ;)
6. I think my Dad does too,
7. But it's hard to tell cause he's still bitter about the divorce :(
8. Yes, my parents split up when I was around 11
9. But first they had another kid
10. My sis M1 :)
11. They both remarried
12. I have a half-sister on my Mother's side
13. She's M2 :)
14. And two half-brothers on my Father's side
15. I don't even know their names
16. And I have never met them
17. They still live in Poland
18. My family left Poland when I was 8
19. And M1 was barely over a year old
20. We went to Algeria
21. I really loved it there
22. Beautiful beaches
23. And mountains, and the desert
24. Very nice people, too
25. M2 was born in Algeria :D
26. When I was 14, we moved again
27. This time to Canada
28. M2 was barely a year old at the time
29. This is reading more like a timeline than a list of facts about me...
30. I guess my control freakish nature is showing :P
31. In Canada, we settled down in Montreal
32. The rest of my family still lives there
33. I live in Ottawa
34. With my DH
35. We've been married 5 years
36. We own a house
37. And a barn (big and blue!)
38. A garage and two cars
39. No kids and no pets
40. Except for the animals that wander over
41. Like deers, rabbits, gophers
42. Sometimes cats and kittens
43. And sometimes snakes too :S
44. I'm a Math and Computer Science grad
45. I work on big software projects
46. And I really do like it
47. Which makes me a big geek :P
48. I work at a big telecomm company
49. Which has it's plusses and minuses...
50. My DH has the same background as me
51. In fact we met while both working at this company
52. But now he's doing something completely different
53. He's an english editor, believe it or not
54. He's nitpicky like me, so that makes him a very good editor :D
55. Wow, all this typing and I'm only 1/2 way through!
56. My DH is a big car nut
57. He knows so much about cars, it's sometimes creepy
58. He can rhyme off all sorts of numbers about a whole slew of classic cars
59. I like cars too
60. But I mostly like driving them
61. I'm really not good at memorizing numbers
62. Song lyrics I can do
63. But numbers just don't stick
64. People think that's funny coming from a math major
65. But I was doing mostly "abstract" math
66. All with letters and no numbers :)
67. That's the kind of math I like
68. Like puzzles
69. Sudoku for example
70. I like nature
71. Which is why we live on the outskirts of the city
72. It's nice at all times of the year
73. But fall and winter are most spectacular
74. We cross-country ski in our backyard :)
75. Three quarters done
76. This is harder than it looks!
77. I like traveling
78. I've visited 4 continents so far
79. At least 12 countries
80. Flying or driving to the destination may be half the fun
81. DH and I have driven across Canada
82. The only province I haven't visited yet is Newfoundland
83. Will have to do that some day
84. That and the Yukon
85. We've seen a bit of the Northwest Territories
86. Phew, this is getting long!
87. This year, I became an aunt
88. DH's brother's wife had twins
89. A boy and a girl :)
90. Haven't seen them yet, hope to in September
91. Hmmm, what else can I say?
92. I love cooking
93. We renovated out kitchen this year, and I love it!
94. My favourite part may be the induction stove
95. Easy to clean: nothing ever burns on it!
96. Are you bored yet?
97. Have I mentioned I love music?
98. And singing - I've been in choirs for 15 years
99. I'm a soprano
100. Which basically means I have a high pitched (some say shrill) voice :)

I made it!!!

It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I've got lots to say, but I found it hard to summarize things into bullet form. But it's certainly an interesting exercise...


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