Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Frog visit

Last night was pretty busy, as we had to catch up on yardwork. Cutting grass and trimming shrubs (amazing how fast things can grow at times) kept us busy most of the evening. And after that I had to make some food for the week (yummy lasagna), and then the cleanup... By the time we sat down to relax it was around 10pm... We look out the window, and what do we see?

Yes, a green frog landed on the side of one of our windows, and decided to spend the evening there. It wasn't deterred by the many flashes from my camera, or the noise we were making. It seemed to enjoy the smooth window side as a resting place (how can it get any purchase on that?). Here's more of a closeup shot:

I also managed to add a picture of the barn to my profile, and updated the blog appearance too. Maybe one of these weekends I'll have enough time to personalize the whole thing a little.


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