Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And then they were 5

The latest addition to our household is a family of felines. Some (expletive deleted) apparently didn't want their young cat anymore once she had some kittens, so they left the whole family by the side of the road. Mama-cat apparently thought our deck was a wonderful spot to setup camp, and she moved in with her two kittens. I can't believe people would do this to their cats and kittens, but apparently it's not such an uncommon thing to see :(

As far as we can tell, there's one girl and one boy kitten. They are so cute!!! Unfortunately, I am pretty allergic to cats (after a few minutes of playing with them, I am itching from head to toes!), and we're not really ready for such a big committment, so we cannot keep the family. At first we thought we would have to call the Humane Society, which really sucks because they're really inundated with homeless cats, and can't place all of them :( But our neighbours have suggested that they'd like to keep the cats, and their barn is warm in the winter, since they pretty much have a menagerie in there (horses, goats, dog etc). They started feeding Mom-cat (she spends most of her time around their yard already), and they think she will bring the kittens with her once they are old enough. For now, though, they are still hanging around our deck. And acting all cute :))

The kittens have a shoe fettish:

And they love climbing walls :)

How can you resist this face?

"Can I stay a while?"

We're now trying to minimize our contact with the cat-family, to encourage them to move on to the neighbours yard (and barn), but the kittens are so darn hard to resist. Even the Mama-cat is very very cute, and so friendly!

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