Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long weekend adventures

Well, we had a very packed long weekend. My Mother-in-law came to visit us with her beau, with a visit that was way overdue. We've been living in this house for five years, ever since our wedding, and she'd never even set foot in it. So it was nice to be able to show off our house and yard, and the kittens.

On Saturday we went to the wedding of A&P. I've known A since high school, so it was really nice to be there and witness such a happy occasion, even though I had never met her fiancee. You know how sometimes you go to a wedding and you have your doubts about how long the union will last (sadly I've been right on that more often than not)? I didn't have that feeling at all, I think they're in it for the long haul. They seem to fit together very well, and that's always nice to see! Doesn't she look radiant in the picture?

On Sunday we went over to visit some of DH's friends. They live in the boonies like us, but in a big mansion that they built this year. We had a nice dinner and some good conversation, and I spent a big chunk of my time playing with their almost 5yo daughter. She is such a ball of energy, it's sometimes hard to keep up... But I really enjoy spending time with her and watching her grow and learn. She's pretty girly at times (loves pink and princess dresses and sparkles), but she also has a pretty inquisitive mind, loves to question everything, and I think she'll turn out to be a pretty independent young woman. I hope she will still like to spend some of her time with me then :)

On Monday we trekked to the War museum. Kind of a sobering place to go, especially at this time of unrest (has there really ever been any time of rest when it comes to intetnational relations?). I was the only one who'd been to the museum previously, and even then I didn't get bored in the 4.5 hours we spent there. I have never really been into history, and even less into war history, but there's certainly enough stuff there to keep the attention of neophytes like me. Lots of hands on stuff, good for the kids (and my inner child). Needless to say, though, we were pretty wiped at the end of the day...

So that's it :) We had a pretty nice weekend. It was really nice to see the MIL and her friend, and meet up with friends, and eat out... And the work week is a short one, so next weekend is coming up fast! I hope we'll get some rest then :)


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