Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last weekend we celebrated BR's sixth birthday. We talked about themes for a while, and eventually settled on a theme of "owls". There's lots of owls in town lately (though we haven't seen any yet), so it seemed quite appropriate.

The party was at a martial arts place in our neighbourhood, so the only things we had to worry about were loot bags and some food to supplement the pizza included. We got an ice-cream cake decorated with an owl (didn't quite work out as nicely as I was hoping), and spent the morning preparing the little snacks.

We had small owl sandwiches (cream cheese and hummus with cucumber eyes and baby carrot noses).
A veggie platter with dip eyes:
And owl cupcakes with eyes made of round cookies with chocolate chips and noses made out of dried fruit snacks:

Pretty happy with how the snacks turned out. The kids were quite happy with the cupcakes, eating off the decorations and licking off the icing :)

Happy 2014!