Friday, September 28, 2007

My big belly

Here it is, the first real pregnancy picture... I can't believe how much my belly has grown lately! It's really popped out. There's very few of my pre-preggo clothes that fit me anymore. But I have 5 pairs of pregnancy pants, a few skirts that can still fit me, a few dresses and a fair amount of shirts, so I am hoping not to have to do much more preggo clothes shopping. I only have a little over two months of work left, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I have to say, though, that if it wasn't for my natural aversion to shopping, getting maternity clothes wouldn't really be so bad. There's lots of really flattering styles out there these days, and many outfits designed to make us pregnant ladies look good and stylish, and still feel comfortable.

What I miss most, though, is my heels. I never realized how few pairs of shoes of mine had flat soles (3 pairs). All of my sandals have heels, my nice shoes, my work shoes, my boots... And walking around in heels is a recipe for backaches. So I try to rotate my 3 pairs of shoes throughout the week :)

So that's the update from the preggo front!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Funny of the day

Some people have a way with words....

Today, someone at work stopped me in the hallway, and the following conversation took place:

Colleague: So, I am assuming that you are expecting a child.
Me (in my head): Well, technically it's more of an alien-hybrid, but sure...
Me (out loud): Yes I am.
Colleague: Good, good. At first I thought you were just putting on weight!
Me - nervous laugh.

Not sure what reaction he was expecting. He's definitely a well-meaning guy, but still... Not the most tactful way of congratulating someone on their pregnancy :) Luckily, I found it rather funny.

Now I'm wondering what kind of other humorous exchanges my pregnancy will generate :) I'm sure there's lots of potential there!


Good news update: FIL had brain surgery on Monday, as far as anyone can tell everything went well, he should be discharged from the hospital today. They had only put some probes in last week, to identify which parts of the tumor needed to be removed. And we figured it would be months after that before the actual surgery would be scheduled. But they had a cancellation, so they were able to fit him in this week! He's feeling ok, seems to have all of his memory intact. Now we just need to watch for seizures (or lack thereof).

In other news, DH might have found a car to replace the Probe. No reason to get excited yet, but we may be going to NY state on Saturday to check out a 1999 Z3 coupe, metallic green with tan interior. From the pics, the car looks really sharp, but we'll see how this saga progresses :)

Work has become really crazy this week. Lots of new issues cropping up, more people leaving, so more work and less resources (story of our company these days). I have to consciously work at lowering the stress level, but overall I think I am doing ok. I should be starting to figure out where and how to delegate my workload in preparation for my leave, but for now we're already too busy just trying to stay afloat. I am really hoping that my manager gets someone else into our team soon so we can start catching up on stuff.

On the fun side, tonight we're going to see Rush in concert. I'm looking forward to it, haven't seen the band since their last concert in the vicinity (Montreal?), and they always put on a great show. We'll see if the baby enjoys it ;) I went to see a Beethoven concert on Wednesday, and there was a very quiet part with only wind instruments for a little while, and then the whole orchestra came in with a bang, and it seemed to startle the baby because I got a monster kick. It was kind of funny! Overall, though, I think the baby found it quite enjoyable. Must have been the happy hormones from mommy :)

I keep forgetting to take pictures to show you how big my belly has become. Maybe this weekend I can remember...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back at home

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also be exhausting. We're back home, and back at work... On the plus side, it's nice to be home, and sleep in one's own bed. On the minus side, work has piled up while I was gone, so now I have a lot of catching up to do. But it's fun work, so I don't really mind.

People at work are starting to notice that I am pregnant (I guess now that I've reached the 5 months mark, it's about time ;)). And I have to start preparing for my leave, start delegating stuff to other people, and planning for the work partitioning after my departure. Since I need to use up my vacation time before my maternity leave (cannot carry the vacation over to 2009), I will most likely take a week or two off in December, which combined with the holiday shutdown means that I will be finishing work in late November or early December. That means I only have 3 months or so of work left... All of a sudden time seems to just zip by!

In exciting news, my sister-in-law just gave birth to a baby daughter yesterday. She's a real cutie, just like her older brother and sister. Hopefully we'll get to go back to Halifax and visit them sometime soon!

Time to go home now... TTFN