Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Furry friends

Ok, so for a change of pace, today I am posting a picture of another furry animal. This one was taken at work, just a few minutes ago while I was out taking a walk. Unfortunately the photo quality is not the best, since I snapped it with my PDA (low, low resolution). Still, it gives you an idea of how tame they are, and how much they like munching on the tiny little crabapples in the courtyard. They make a mess around the steps into the buildings, as they like to dig their holes around there. It's interesting to watch them fatten up over the summer. In the spring they actually look emeciated, but by now they seem to have gained all the weight they will need to survive the winter :)

This weekend, we're going to visit a friend's cottage in the Eastern Townships. We'll get to see her horse, and do some hiking, I'm really looking forward to it. I don't get to see that friend very often, even though she lives in Montreal, which is only a few hours away. We went to high school together, and it's really nice to be able to keep in touch. DH still hangs out with friends he had in kindergarten (growing up in a small town sometimes does that to you). But I have travelled so much as a kid (3 continents, 7 languages and 10 schools!), that it was really hard to keep in touch with friends. So it was really nice to finally land in Montreal at 14 and realize that this was going to be a fairly permanent home, and that I may be able to keep in touch with my friends in highschool for a while. I will admit I am not very good at keeping in touch, and I am hoping to maybe one day start using this blog as one of the tools for it. But for now, at least I am very thankful to have some friends that look past my chronic inability to reply to emails in a timely manner and try to get together with me from time to time.

I really should dig deeper into the reasons why I am so bad at keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances. After all, I love getting news from them, and I get so excited to get a phone call or an email from them. I know I am a procrastinator, but I have the feeling there's something else at play here too. I never know what to say, weirdly enough. I am a blabber-mouth in person (everyone knows that), but I guess when I put what I want to say in writing it seems trite and unimportant. I think without the feedback of the face-to-face conversation, I feel lost and unimportant... I think of lots of things to say, but as soon as I write it down, it seems so booring. I suppose this is another reason I have started this blog (subconsciously), so that I can get used to writing general bla-bla stuff (I have no problems with work emails, or emails with some kind of purpose), at first with no audience (noone knows about this blog yet), and eventually, as I get a little bolder with a small audience that may grow to be bigger... We'll see if I ever work up the courage for that :)

Enough rambling for one day...

Take care!

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