Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More kitten news

More kitten pictures for you :) But also some not-quite-so-cute details about our furry friends. Last night, Mama-cat must have caught a mouse for the wee ones, because I found a mouse tail, and a few blood splatters on our front porch. I didn't take any pictures of the tail, didn't think that would really interest anyone :)

In other news, the cut that I inflicted on my thumb last Friday while attempting to cut down our lilacs is almost healed. This is pretty impressive since it was a prety big gash (hubby though I would need stitches). Over the last few days I have been able to see the skin grow back to cover the open cut. It's pretty freaky. I am guessing having the cat-family around has kicked my immune system into high gear. I remember as a kid if I got some scratches from a cat, they would heal within a day or two, much faster than regular scratches (but they would get all red and swelled up first, which I suppose is related to the quick healing). I think the cut was around 4mm wide, and it's pretty much closed up now, so the skin grew back at a rate of around .5mm a day. Pretty neat, really. Again, I have no pictures of that, cause who wants to see it, really :)

On Saturday we're going to a wedding in Montreal. One of my high-school friends is getting married. I can't wait! I'm sure we're gonna have a blast...


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