Monday, January 29, 2007

The saga continues...

Well, we fought some more with the video camera and the laptop on the weekend. We actually ended up using USB2 instead of firewire to transfer the video (with Windows Movie Maker), and that seemed to work fine. Of course most other video editing software requires firewire upload, so we may still have to configure that at some point.

So I spent a whole bunch of time downloading video from the 3 90-minute tapes that we have. All the downloading has to be done real-time, with the tape in playback mode, so as you can imagine it takes a bit of time. And of course after I'd done most of the transferring, I was surprised at the small footprint of all the files (I was expecting Gigs, but only got a few hundred Megs). Turns out I was downloading the video at a lower resolution/quality. Even though the option I selected was "Best quality for my computer". Sigh! So then I downloaded a few pieces of video at full resolution. That does take a lot of space! So I think I will download bits at a time, edit them, write them to DVD (gotta go buy a DVD burner first). I don't have enough space on my hard drive for more than one tape at a time.

Oh, the joys of video editing! Maybe tonight I'll be able to post a quick video of the kittens that I filmed last summer (too cute!!!).

Aside from all the playing around with the video camera, I had a pretty good weekend. Lots of stuff got done, I got caught up on laundry, did a bunch of cooking (first case of badly burned food in my brand new pot, seems to have survived ok), some sewing (I fixed up a set of sheets - that was a big job!), more basement work (we had to re-glue the post covers), some cleanup and tidying. But it wasn't all work no play, I also went to the NAC to see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform "A Cinderella Story". A new twist on the timeless classic ;) It was very cute, I liked the choreography and the costumes. Unfortunately they had a couple of issues with their props (a piece of cable tangled up in the main character's skirt, a curtain that stayed stuck in one of the four anchor points), which was a little distracting. But overall it was a nice evening. Though I spent all of my intermission in the bathroom lineup - with only 3 stalls in the ladies room, it was very hard to get in... I was impressed at the number of young people (not just small kids, but teenagers), and especially young men attending the performance. And most of them really dressed up! It was very neat! After the performance we went out for our traditional tea at the the Chateau Laurier. As usual, very nice!

I think that sums up the weekend pretty well. Oh, yeah, Sunday night DH and I watched a movie from 10 years ago called Thousand Acres. I really liked the movie, for some reason it spawned a whole bunch of thought processes in my head. I must have just been in the right mood, because I can see how it could also be considered slow, boring and a little melodramatic. Though DH said that it wasn't bad as far as chick flicks go ;)


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