Monday, January 15, 2007

Basement weekend (again)

I am sure you're getting bored with hearing me talk about the basement renovations... The good news is that it only needs another weekend or so to be completely finished. This weekend we managed to cut, paint and install all the quarter rounds, so all that's left is touching up the freshly installed baseboards and quarter rounds, and installing column covers over the ugly columns in the center of the room.

This weekend, IKEA had some wardrobes for sale for $100 (it's called Alleby wardrobe, but there's no good links for it on their site). For such a low price, how can you go wrong? So we bought 3 of them, and even assembled one. They will provide storage in the newly finished basement room. They're not too hard to assemble, though they're not the most sturdy thing out there (but for the price, I didn't expect much). I don't think they would survive being disassembled and re-assembled very well. But they should fit our need just fine. So that's another thing that still needs to be done: assemble the two remaining wardrobes. And then I can start migrating some of the mess from upstairs into an organized mess in the basement :)

In other news, this morning we woke up to a beautiful carpet of snow all over the yard. Yes, winter has finally decided to arrive. It's very pretty, all pristine white everywhere. And lots of fun to be had in the all-wheel-drive, winter-tire claden and equipped with stability control vehicle. I had a blast driving in to work this morning :) DH had to drive the trusty old probe, but even his drive in wasn't too bad (not too much traffic so early in the day, and in town the snow was just starting). Maybe there's some hope for winter yet ;)

Time to get back to work!

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