Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Guilty pleasures...

We just finished watching season 2 of the TV series Lost, that a coworker lended me over the holidays. It's not my all-time favourite TV show - that honour belongs to Buffy the Vampire Slayer - but it's pretty darn close. The writing of this show is really good, and trying to keep track of all the connections on the show, as well as guess what the heck is going on, is good mental gymnastics. We watched the whole 22 episodes in less than a week, which has to be a testament to the enjoyment factor of the show.

I'm really trying to reduce the number of hours I spend in front of the TV, so I generally try not to get hooked on new shows, but sometimes something falls through the cracks. Like when a coworker hands me a whole season of a show, telling me I have to watch it, cause it's just that good. How can I resist that? Of course that's also how the whole Buffy obsession started, when a friend loaned us season 1 on DVD. And now we own all 7 seasons ourselves, plus a few seasons of Angel. Speaking of which, we still have Angel season 5 to watch :)

There's no better way to watch a TV show with an arc than on DVD. It's faster (no commercials), more enjoyable, and you can really binge when you feel like it. I am speaking from experience here ;)

That's my guilty admission for the day!

Have a good one!

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