Friday, August 17, 2007

Half way point

Well, I am now officially at the half-way point of the pregnancy. Week 20! Ok, so that's only according to the weird math of pregnancy (40 weeks in a pregnancy, but the first two are really before conception, so they barely count). Believe it or not, I am still having a hard time really believing I am truly pregnant. Even though I can only fit in 2 pairs of my pre-pregnancy pants, and it's getting pretty hard to ignore the bulge growing in front of me.My guess is that until I hold my baby in my hands, I won't be fully convinced that this is really happening to me. It's been such a long road...

Because of my ever-expanding belly, this week I have made my first pregnancy pants purchase. They're actually capri pants (got them cheap at an end-of-season sale: 11$+tax!), and I suspect I will be wearing them a lot over the next few weeks. Especially the last week of August, first week of September, when we will be going to visit the beautiful island of Newfoundland. We've had our holidays booked at work for months, but never got around to actually planning the holiday. Finally this week we booked the ferry, and we're starting to book a few places to stay. Only one week of work left, and then we hit the open road. I'm really looking forward to it, it's been such a busy year at work, I need a lot of rest and doing nothing :)

In other news, we finally have power in our garage. Not sure if I mentioned it in the blog, but around February, the garage lights and outlets started misbehaving, and it turned out we had a problem with the underground wires buried between the barn and the garage. We had to wait for a thaw to get at the cables, and then we had to get the schedules lined up between us and the electrician, and then we had torrential rains when they were supposed to come (no digging in the flood), then they had a big job scheduled, then they found a bee's nest in between the barn walls (had to call pest control to get rid of them), but in the end, today they were able to show up and finish the job. And now we have power in the garage. It's about time, it's been half a year now... Of course it's a lot more important to have power in the garage in the winter, to have the lights come on when we get home from work, and to be able to plug in the block heaters.

In other fun news, the kitchen table and chairs we ordered a few months back have shown up, so we now have an official kitchen breakfast nook. We'd been using a convertible poker table (with the felt out and the glass top in) as our kitchen table with the dining room chairs. Now we have an actual set for the kitchen :) It's really a small set of a round table (with two extension leaves) in varnished maple, and found chairs in birch with soft cushions covered in some kind of dark green vinyl-type material that seems to be very easy to clean (especially important with a spitting baby). Now we just have to wait for the couch we ordered a few weeks ago, and I think we won't need any more furniture for another decade (well, except for the baby's room I guess). Our old couches have been slowly moving downstairs into the movie theatre room :)

In automotive news, DH is getting more serious about looking for the right second vehicle for us. He's currenly leaning towards a 2000-ish BMW Z3 coupe, or an Audi TT coupe from the same era. He's even considering importing one from the US, as the prices are a lot more competitive there. I guess our lives just aren't complicated enough, so we keep looking for more challenges ;) I have the feeling that is about to end, though maybe babies are not quite as challenging as I remember it from my youth :)

Next time, there will be some pictures, I promise. I just discovered that our camera batteries are completely drained, but as soon as they are recharged, I will go trigger happy!

Happy trails!

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