Friday, August 24, 2007


On the plus side, I've discovered this week that a big belly makes one's legs look nice and slim. Yay! On the minus side, I am discovering that having your boobs reach your belly (only when bending over!) is not a fun feeling. So there you have it, you win some and you lose some :)

Today is my last work day before the holidays. Two whole weeks with no pager, no meetings, no worries about deadlines or things that need to be fixed yesterday... I really do like my job, like anything involving people it's got it's ups and downs, but I am definitely ready for a break.

We packed most of our stuff last night, just the cooler left to pack this afternoon, and getting everything loaded into the car, and then the adventure begins! We're stopping over at my parents' house tonight, and over the next two days we need to get all the way to North Sydney in Cape Breton, NS. Shouldn't be too bad of a drive, especially since it's the weekend we shouldn't get caught in any rush hour traffic in the bigger cities. I'll try to blog from the road, we're bringing the laptop, so it will all depend on connectivity. Hopefully we can find a few hot spots here and there...

Next update from the road :)

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