Thursday, August 09, 2007


Or creepy? You decide ;) I think it's kind of neat to see the ultrasound pics of our little munchkin, but I know a lot of people find it disconcerting. I don't think it's the best shot they got, but I guess they were holding on to the best shots to send them to the people that can actually interpret them (this clinic was kind of old-style, we got a print of the picture, nothing electronic).

From what we could tell, the kid's got all the important organs (kidneys - check, heart with all four chambers - check, stomach - check, umbilical cord - check, toes and fingers - check, full spine - check). The cheeky monkey insisted on facing away from us, stubbornly staring at my back for pretty much the whole half hour of the examination. As a result, I was asked to move around to give the technician a better view. In the end, I still don't think he was able to determine the sex. We weren't going to ask anyway :)

The baby does have a good sense of humour, though. Despite facing away from us, it let us know it knew exactly what was going on by kicking fervently and waving around the tiny little hands with long fingers. Even the technician had to laugh at that!

So I think that's it for the ultrasound pictures for a long while. No more tests or examinations scheduled for the next few months. I'll have to post some pictures of my expanding belly, though :)

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balazinska said...

I vote for cute ;-)