Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where does the time go?

I know, I know, I've been very quiet... And I had promised to write some stuff about happy times in my life... You can probably add last weekend to that list. It was great! We had a blast! The kids were so amazingly sweet and adorable, and I think everyone had a good time. DH's grandmother's 95th birthday was a great success, with tons of people attending. SIL's husband took lots of pictures, and as soon as I get them I will post a few. I was too busy coordinating food and everything else, I didn't even take one picture! There are a few pictures of DH holding his niece at the party that are just priceless.

Aside from that, work has become really crazy. I will probably have to work most of the weekend to do some catching up... DH has 4 days off for this long weekend, I'll be lucky if I get one... But I can't complain, I took Monday off, so I already had a long weekend :)

Even though we have had some snow today, you can see some signs of spring. Our yard looks a little sad, I can't wait to see flowers and plants sprout up all over the place. This year, we can hopefully do some home improvements on the outside. We need to re-gravel the driveway, and redo the garage roof, and I would really like to get some landscaping done as well. But that's all a lot of work, we'll see if I am a little too ambitious here (ask me again in November :)).

So that's it for an update. Short and sweet, maybe some time this weekend I'll find a little more time to write...

Enjoy the spring sunshine!

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