Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekend update a few days late...

Another weekend gone, and still no blog update... I am really starting to slack in the blog department. Though I have a few good excuses, like a flaky internet access from home (and I was even going to post some pictures!), and overall busy schedule.

Just to prove that I'm not lying, here's a summary of our weekend:
  • Friday night, we installed an outdoor thermometer on our bedroom window so that DH can tell the temp outside without having to turn on the TV in the morning (I kid you not, that has been his m.o. so far!); then we played around in the basement with the setup of the new projector that we're planning to use to watch movies; the consensus right now is that we need a screen (the old white sheet will do in a pinch, but it is suboptimal), but we can probably rig up a stand for it from some spare parts :) another weekend project I guess...
  • Saturday we cleaned up the flower beds, pruned all the shrubs around the house, raked the remaining leaves off the lawn, then we replaced the clothesline (it was cracked and rusty, and was starting to poke my fingers and leave rusty prints on the clothes!), then in the afternoon we put together the barbeque that we had bought in the fall of 2005 (eek!), then we got a call from friends for a last minute supper invite, so we went out for supper with the adorable twins (A&E) and their parents - lots of fun! In the evening we went to see the concert given by a local amateur orchestra that our friend belongs to. That was very fun too (her 5 year old daughter was there, and we had some play time, which is always nice), and the music was very good - Peer Gynt amongst others.
  • Sunday we first went shopping for supplies, and then we worked outside again (since the weather was fabulous!), creating a walking path behind the house with some old patio stones (it's not finished yet, but pretty close, I will post pictures soon!), right where we eliminated raspberry bushes last year; meanwhile DH cleaned the winter tires and wheels for both cars, washed the winter mats, vaccuumed the cars and put in the summer mats.
On top of that, I think I did something like 7 loads of laundry - with a beautiful drying weather like that, I finally got a chance to wash all the sheets that our guests used a few weeks ago!

So that made for a pretty full weekend. It seems like all of our weekends this year have been pretty packed. This coming weekend is going to be no exception: we're going to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and then we'll be hosting a baby shower on Sunday.

Aside from that, work is getting pretty crazy busy. But I am getting lots of things accomplished, so I am feeling pretty ok with the whole thing. My project may be a little late, but I'm not expecting too many unsurmountable obstacles between now and the end. Ask me again in a few weeks, though :)

So here you go... Halfway through the week, and I'm only posting the weekend summary. Sad, sad indeed...

Hope everyone is doing well and taking advantage of the warm weather (yay for sandals!).

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balazinska said...

If you have a projector, you need a screen. Otherwise, it's a waste. If you want a screen, you should get one that you pull down from the ceiling. It looks much classier than a screen on a stand. Of course, all this is a bit expensive, but it will last you for a very long time... and it will ensure your basement is always full of guests ;-)