Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gloomy wednesday

Here we go again... My company announced another round of layoffs... Not that it was completely unexpected, or that we shouldn't do any trimming... But it's always so unpleasant to go through another round. Was chatting with some coworkers today and we all agreed that it's hard to tell what the "best" outcome is, as getting a package sure has it's own attractions. So it's not so much being worried about losing our job that gets to us. It's the uncertainty, not knowing who goes and who stays, hard to get any work (or even worse, planning) done. People cancel their vacations, people hold off on major purchases... It's a big disruption. And then when the axe falls, it's always hard to say goodbye to friends and coworkers... Of course this year quite a few people have quit, so we've been saying lots of goodbyes anyway!

So that's my sob story for the day. Oh, and it's pretty darn cold outside too. Though luckily I haven't had to spend much time outdoors lately. Our wood pile is getting small, it'll soon be time to cut and split some more wood, but it's definitely not the kind of work I feel like doing when it's -25 outside :) Yesterday my car had the check engine light on, and I was starting to get worried, but I gassed it up and it's fine now, so I am assuming the cause for the light was just little gas in the tank combined with the frigid weather. That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)

On the family side, still no news from FIL. He's stable and waiting. Hoping to come and visit us around March 31st, to celebrate his Mom's 97th birthday. DH's brother and his wife are also planning to fly in, with the twins, for a big family reunion :) In the meantime, my own folks are traipsing through Chile - sounds like a lot of fun: active volcanoes, lots of trees and flowers and lots of opportunities to practice their spanish!

Hope you're all keeping warm and having fun.

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