Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend? What weekend?

And just like that, the weekend is over. I was really looking forward to a nice weekend (the weather was unseasonally nice), and to getting lots of things done. As it is, I am not sure where the time went. Well, when I think about it, we went to a concert where my choir (the Ottawa McGill Alumni Choir) sang a few songs on Friday night, I went to a dance show on Saturday night, and we had dinner with friends on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time, I did a few batches of laundry (we were running behind), and a bit of cooking and cleaning. I guess the major accomplishment was replacing bulbs in the christmas lights that are installed on the barn. There were lots of burned out bulbs, and the top of the barn is over 40 feet tall, so this was a big job. But now we can have a fully-lit barn:

The Friday night concert went pretty well, it was quite a long show, with all sorts of performers. It put us into the Christmas spirit, since many of the songs were seasonal. I think we managed to sound pretty good (although my voice was at times squeaky, not being properly warmed up). We messed up in a few spots, but I don't think the audience noticed. We have three more performances before the break, so we'll get a chance to iron out those little issues.

On Saturday night, the show we went to was by a Belgian group called "C. de la B.", which is ostensibly a ballet troupe, but the performance was very modern, and so much more than just ballet. I was reading the biographies of the artists after the fact, and many of them have a circus background, which showed. There were many moments where we were shocked to see what these people were able to do with their bodies. I was mostly impressed with how accessible the whole show was - I am not usually one that "gets" dance shows all that well, but I actually felt all sorts of emotions that (I hope) the choreographer was trying to invoke. It was a very stirring, and at times even disturbing performance.

Hoping all our friends on the West Coast are somehow digging themselves out of the piles of snow! I can't believe the weather reports I'm seeing from out there!

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balazinska said...

On the West Coast (and south of the border), we had a very nice long weekend. It was Thanksgiving last Thursday, followed immediately by "Black Friday", which is a holiday where everyone wakes up at 5am to go to stores and shop like crazy... I guess that's why some people came-up with the "Buy Nothing Day" that you described in the last post. I usually celebrate the latter because I'm too lazy to fight the crowds ;-)

On Sunday, we had some nice snow here in Seattle, just a couple of inches. It made us feel like we were back home in Montreal or in New England. The problem, however, is that the city is full of crazy hills and they don't seem to use any salt on the roads. Many people had to park their cars at the bottom of the hills where they live and climb up to their houses on foot. We were happy to get home in one piece... but tomorrow, we'll be taking the flattest route possible to work ;-)