Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Found profound...

So today in my yoga class I had a flash of insight. I came up with a "profound" quality: compassion. It's not my highest quality, so I will not be using it when the instructor asks us to think of our "highest, most profound quality", but at least it tells me that there are qualities that I consider profound (as opposed to the shallow ones, like good sense of humour). From now on, my mission in yoga class is to come up with a new profound quality every time, until I find one that applies to me :) I like a good challenge!

On the good news side, had a chat with my manager yesterday again, and things are back to good :) He was surprised at my disappointment over the last meeting, as he thought he'd given me mostly positive feedback. And he agrees with MB (see comments at last Friday's post) that he needs to give me more visible/important work in the future ;) So I am feeling slightly better on that front as well.

Things are pretty busy at work this week, so I think my posts will be short and sparse!


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balazinska said...

I like your definition of profound quality. I think I agree with it. Another example of profound quality would be "integrity".

I'm glad things are going well at work. I hope your new project will be a lot of fun. My work problems are much simpler. I just have way too many things to do and not enough time to do them in :-( The main issue is that having too many things to do makes me feel like I'm getting dumber, not just because I'm tired, but mostly because I have less time to stop and think... oh well..