Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just another manic Wednesday

Not much to say today, so I thought I'd upload a few pictures we took a while ago with a friend's digital SLR (Rebel). The pictures were taken on the campus at work, where every spring we get to witness tons of little goslings running around. They are very very cute, but hard to get close to, as the Moms are very protective :)

This weekend we're heading to Halifax to visit DH's family. BIL and his wife are the proud parents of very cute twins, and we're going to meet them for the first time. Expect lots of cute baby pictures next week. On our way we will try to stop in Quebec City visit my friend who just had a baby as well, so that will hopefully mean more baby pictures :) Yes, I am obsessed, how can you tell?

In the meantime, though, we have lots of packing and trip prep to do. Better get going!


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