Friday, September 08, 2006

Getting ready for our trip out East

Not even sure if I would call it a trip. It's more like a visit. We will try to get there as fast as possible, to allow us to spend as much time as possible with the family. Which to me is the opposite of a trip, where I usually take my time getting to where I am going :) And for the record, I like both trips and visits, so this differentiation is purely semantics :D I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting the babies :) After all, they're my only niece and nephew (so far anyway)!

Of course being the crazy driving nut, I am also looking forward to the drive down and back. I really love driving around, especially with my DH. We can share the driving (which is really handy when you have to drive _all_ day), and we have really good conversations. I think having a forced captive audience appeals to me ;) But also having all this time on our hands, we get the chance to discuss things fully, taking every subject to the n-th level (where n is quite substantial). Leaving no leaf unturned :) I also find it very relaxing, as in a way I become the spectator, watching nature and life unfold before my eyes. We'll always spot an interesting animal on our way, or a funky car, or an interesting license plate. It's one big game of "I spy" ;)

Tonight we're only going as far as Montreal, where we will stay with my family. It means we get two hours of driving over with, we get to sleep in a place we're used to, and my Mom promised to make us sandwiches for the road! Doesn't get any better than that :) Plus my parents have high-speed, so we'll get a chance to do some surfing, and maybe even upload a few more pictures. It's painfully slow to upload the pictures at home, where we're still stuck in the 20th century with a 56K modem...


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