Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Handheld doohickey?

I am starting to think I need to give in and get myself some kind of electronic tether device, like one of those modern cell phones or some kind of other handheld device. I don't really need the cell part of it, as I rarely find myself wishing I could call someone (though I imagine that could change easily once I actually had a cellphone). But I am finding it hard to keep on top of all the "to-do" lists I have on the go, and even more importantly ;) the blog post ideas that pop up in the most odd places, like the dentist's waiting room.

So in the interest of having my life flow smoother, keeping the number of to-do lists to a respectable 2 or 3 (instead of the dozens floating around right now), keeping better track of appointments and commitments, and generally be less frazzled at times (at least I hope so), I am convinced I need to get me one of those things.

A few years ago my company was running a trial of the network (one part of the company was working on wireless networks), so I signed up and got to use a fancy cellphone/PDA/wifi thing for a little over a year. It certainly helped me get more organized, but I was really hard on it, and after a while it started spontaneously hard rebooting on me, losing all my information in the process and driving me absolutely mad!!! So I have to be careful in my choice of device... Obviously those things have come a long way in the last few years, so it should be easy to find something more robust :)

So if I have any readers left after my prolonged silences, if you have any ideas/suggestions let me know (via comments, emails, or whatever works for you, I am not picky). I haven't started looking yet, so any pointers at all are very much appreciated.

And if you're thinking it's odd that someone working for a telecomm company has no clue about wireless devices, my lame excuse is that I've never worked in the wireless division, and like many old-school geeks I am somewhat gadget-averse and have a big phobia of ongoing expenses like monthly service fees. What can I say, it takes all kinds, eh :)

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Chuck said...

c'mon,get the google fone...