Friday, June 12, 2009


It figures, of course as soon as I decide to try and start posting more often in here, BR decides to up and stop sleeping at night (ok, so maybe she didn't quite decide it, it's more like her teeth started bugging her, but you get the picture). It's been almost two weeks of multiple wakings per night, and trouble getting back to sleep. I've been walking around like a zombie. Luckily last night we seem to have turned around a corner: she only woke up once at 3:30, and pretty much put herself back to sleep.

All that to say I'm still trying to post more often, as long as circumstances allow for it.

So here's a quickie for today. It may be considered in the "too much information" category, but I think it's kind of funny (and when's the last time you've seen something funny on this blog?).

So I have this pair of underwear. Plain and simple, nothing unusual about it. The tag on it spells out the brand as St. Eve. Except it's in all caps. So pretty much every time I go to the bathroom when wearing this pair of underwear, I get to see the following text (in big, bold letters): ST.EVE. And either one of two things happens: either I start wondering why my underwear says Steve on it, or I don't pay enough attention and the word just seeps into my subconscious, and I am left wondering hours later why I have the name Steve on my mind. A less practical person would probably get rid of this pair of underwear, but I keep thinking there's nothing wrong with them... Well, except maybe for the induced neurosis.

Honestly, though, why would anyone put the name ST.EVE on women's intimate apparel? I'd like to know...

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