Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moments in time

Just because I don't want to forget those little moments, I'm writing them up here... I've been doing a lot of document writing at work these days, so not feeling much like writing on my own time, but I really needed to capture these...


Last week, I was home with BR and decided to get her a little involved in some cooking-type activity. I was using my juice-maker to extract the juice from a bunch of assorted citruses, so I sat BR in her high chair next to me, with the composting bin on the floor under her feet. I would process a citrus half and hand her the spent peel, explaining that it goes in the bucket on the floor. After doing 3 or 4 of them, she got the hang of it, and started making the sign for "more" every time she was done with a peel. I had trouble keeping up with her! It's the first time she used the sign for "more" for anything other than food or drink. She's really becoming a big helper!


On choir night, I went to the door to get ready to leave, and BR followed me there. Seeing me get dressed, she headed for the shoe rack, grabbed her boots, and started handing them to me. Seeing that I wasn't going to collaborate, she started trying to put the boots on herself. The image of her all dressed up in her pyjamas, holding the boots and giving me a pleading look ("can I come with, pretty please") stayed with me all night. Unfortunately, she is starting to dislike having me leave for choir on Tuesday nights :( Fortunately, she still lets her Dad comfort her, and she does seem to forgive me in the end...


When we're coming home after a day of work and daycare, BR is usually quite calm, but she does get impatient sometimes when we're getting closer to home. So I've developed this routine when approximately 2 minutes from the house I put my fingers in the shape of bunny ears, and tell her there's only two minutes. Then at 1 minute, I just show her one finger hopping. She usually thinks this is hilarious, and it gets us home in a good mood. The other day, we were maybe halfway home, when I glanced back at BR in her car seat, and what do I see? She's staring intently at her hands, trying to do the bunny shape! She was quite tired and worn out that day, and I guess she wanted to speed up our arrival home :)

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