Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day weekend

And what a busy weekend this was. I had a dentist appointment, a birthday party for a 1 year old son of friends, and a trip to Montreal with the Bunny Rabbit. All went well, but I am a bit exhausted.

A few things worth noting though. Don't have much time, so I'll just do a bullet-form list.

The good:
  • BR laughing out loud for several people. She thought my Mom's friend E was hilarious when she was telling her what a beautiful baby she was (laughing mostly at how she said it, not what she said I'm sure). She found my sister's boyfriend's smile just unbelievably funny, laughing loudly whenever he smiled at her. And when my sister did funny dances in front of her, she just could not stop giggling. It was so great to see my child respond so happily to other people. She's such a great kid!
  • My middle sister went above and beyond the call of duty. She got a great present for my Mom (a GPS for the woman who gets lost a lot), she got flowers both for Mom and me for Mother's day (yay!). And she got a gift for BR as well! And she looked nice and healthy (she's on a anti-inflammatory diet), and she was in a great mood - always good to see.
  • My little sister is going to Spain on Tuesday, and getting all excited about. We managed to convince her she needs travel health insurance, and that she needs to worry about thieves... She should be alright, she's got a good head.

Now for the bad. Finally, after 4 months, I got more opinions/advice about BR than I was prepared for:
  • I was told multiple times that BR is too young to be sitting up in a stroller (half-reclined), or worse yet sitting on the potty for 2 minutes. Apparently I am destroying her spine! Never mind that her doctor told me she was ready for more vertical time, since she's a big and strong baby, and 4 months old to boot!
  • I was also told multiple times within a span of 5 minutes, that I was freezing my baby. "She's cold". "Poor baby, she's all blue, she must be freezing". "Look at the poor frozen baby". "OMG, her hands are so cold" (they were warmer than mine just for the record). Etc, etc. All from the same person. And that despite the fact that I 1) acknowledged their concern and told them I was going to put a sweater on her in 5 minutes and 2) BR was just happy as a clam, smiling and laughing and kicking off any blankets that we would put on her. I did appreciate it the first time he mentioned that she might be cold, as I did not notice right away that the weather was getting cooler (I have a tendency to respond slowly to changes in temperature), but after a while I was getting ready to pummel him. Grr.
The "shake your head" moments:
  • Being told about BR that "she looks intelligent, not like one of those idiot babies". Hmm, thanks, I guess?
  • The following exchange:
"When is the baptism?"
"Oh, there isn't one"
"You mean later?"
"No, I mean there isn't one"
after a few more iterations of the above:
"You mean it's an option? I didn't think it was actually possible not to baptize your child".
I guess I better get used to that, as I will get royally grilled about this when we go to Poland next month...

All in all, a great weekend. Now I need to get some sleep :)

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